30 Years Lease Agreement India

I slept in a rented house, recently 15 days back (May 15, 2010) I was evacuated from the house, During my stay, I signed an 11-month contract, and it was until Sep 2009 that was not renewed, and I received 1 month`s notification to the owner and within 15 days only emptied and I told the landlord to deduct the full month of rent and my deposit, the 3 months (6800 -3) i.e. 20400 /rs. During my stay because of the furniture, there are a few stains on the walls usually everything is fine. My landlord lives in the United States. After the evacuation, I sent so many emails about the repository that he didn`t react to those emails. 15 days have already passed. Some of his close relatives stay in town, I learned that he painted the whole house, without my insinuation. Do I have to pay the painting fee? Now I do not know ™ how to recover my deposit, please help me. Thanks and greetings Venkat After more than 25 years of staying on a plot of land in a house built by myself, a tenant can register the country in his name,in fact my father died and my grandmother at home given to my mother, but don`t register until we still have 1st floor house there in the urban area, but now after more than 25 years my mother uncle will sue a case of his property and stop our 2nd floor room works by the house form filed in court, which is going to be proposed by him and pl, what should we do now to do it as our house or transfer to our name “otherwise” , what possibility to our purpose, that if we tell our uncle to pay us still whole fees at home , suggest BRIEF HISTORY OF OUR LANDLORD SIR SOBHA SINGH – SONS Sardar Bahadur Sir Sobha Singh, OBE (1890″1978) was a civil contractor and a large owner of Lutyens Delhi and property owner of Delhi. He is the father of the famous Indian writer Khushwant Singh.

He has built numerous residential and commercial buildings, including the Connaught Place shopping complex, as well as Chelmsford, A.I.F.A.C`es Hall, Broadcasting House (All India Radio), The National Museum, Dyal Singh College, T.B.Hospital, Modern School, Deaf and Dumb School, St. Columba`s School, Red Buildings and Baroda House. Outside Delhi, he built the High Court and Government Medical College in Nagpur and the Pastor Institute in Kasauli. He also built SUJAN SINGH PARK, near Khan Market New Delhi, the first apartment complex in New Delhi that until then had only bungalows, in 1945, named after his father Sujan Singh. Sir: Sir Sobha Singh – Sons, Owners and Landlords of the Estate known as Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi-110003. This premise was rented to our grandfather in September 1949. Our owner took a sum of money for the transfer of leases in our grandfather`s name, as it was the practice of PAGDI SYSTEM predominant as the time when it was under the control of Sir Sobha Singh, who was the owner of the country in 1949. But Sir Sobha Singh never gave a receipt for these Pagdi to one of the tenants, but only gave a rent receipt in the tenants ™ name as proof of the rent. Since that time until now, this system is still widespread and long assumed by former landlords who do not give receipts for money in the form of pagadi or rent transfer. We believe that our destiny is now sealed, because after more than six decades of renting, our landlord has begun to fuel fear in our minds. Over the past two months, our landlord has adopted a strategy to accept the monthly rent of park tenant Sujan Singh by setting certain conditions. If this condition is not met, it does not accept the tenant`s monthly rent and it also sends legal advice to former tenants who terminate the lease and modify the tenancy agreement in months to months without justification.

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