Accounting Consulting Agreement

9. Insurance and Guarantees. Both parties declare that they are fully entitled to conclude this agreement. The accountant is committed to providing accounting services in accordance with the ethical standards of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants. All analyses, recordings, reports and submissions are carried out in accordance with state, local and federal laws. [Sender.Company] (“Consultant”) forwards this Financial Advisory Agreement to [Client.Company] (“Client”). This financial advisory agreement sets out the terms set out in [Sender.Company], which provides financial advisory services for [Client.Company]. The Client undertakes to cooperate with the Advisor and to entrust him with the provision of the services defined in this Agreement. The Advisor accepts this contractual relationship and undertakes to provide the financial advisory services listed in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and undertakes to perform the tasks listed to the best of his ability.

This document represents the entire agreement between the client and the advisor. No other agreement, promise or agreement, written or oral, is maintained at the time of signing this financial advisory agreement by the client and the advisor. An accounting consultant contract describes the tax and financial services to be provided to the client. An accountant is a licensed expert who can plan taxes, audit accounts, and prepare public and federal bids (IRS). The agreement contains the work to be performed, including the hourly rate to be negotiated by the client and the accountant. Once the client has authorized the agreement and the retainer payment (if any) is made, the accountant can begin. PandaTip: Start customizing this contract template by filling in the tokens on the right. These tokens help ensure that your agreement is 100% concluded before sending it, and can even be automatically filled by more than 30 PandaDoc pre-side integrations. The failure of either Party to maintain or enforce any aspect of the Financial Advisory Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of subsequent failures to comply with the full scope of this Agreement. The advisor is at no time considered an employee, representative or partner of the client. The advisor does not have the power or power to enter into additional contracts or agreements on behalf of the client at any time. Both the client and the advisor have the necessary legal powers to enter into this financial services advisory agreement.

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