Agreeing To The Terms Of The Aws Customer Agreement

I have spoken on this point with three lawyers who specialize in intellectual property issues. None of them work for [company]Amazon[/enterprise] or its direct competitors in the cloud [enterprises]Microsoft[/enterprises] or Google, but none of them would argue in favor of the award. They all found that it was unusual to impose conditions beyond the life of the customer relationship. 10.3.1. “License Included”. As part of the Services, you may use certain software (including related documentation) described on the AWS website developed by Oracle America, Inc. or its affiliates (“Oracle”) and Oracle`s licensors (together the “Oracle Software” and owned by Oracle America, Inc. If you choose to use oracle software and you do not yet have a license from Oracle for this Oracle software, you must agree to these additional terms: 2.2. You must comply with any beta service or beta region terms published on the AWS website or otherwise made available to you. . .


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