Agreement Rebate

Note: If you indicate, with Purchase Instructions, that all discount agreements are in progress (inactive) for a supplier, the system actively changes this status when you enter a new active discount contract for the supplier. With this contribution, we continue our series of articles, which deals with potential SAP interview questions. Today we will discuss the issue of the interview as part of the discount agreements concluded at SAP. This SAP feature relates to sales and distribution (SD), Billing (BIL). Therefore, this contribution should be of great interest to SAP SD consultants. If a supplier offers you a discount for the purchase of certain goods and services, prepare a discount agreement. You can have an unlimited number of discount agreements for each supplier. For each agreement, you indicate basic information, such as: B.: Note: The supplier pays a percentage discount if the discount type indicates the percentage. When the final settlement of a discount contract is made, the SAP system automatically calculates the discount on the basis of business volume statistics and flat-rate discounts (if applicable).

Any discounts previously paid to this customer will also be deducted. Then, the system creates a credit application that can be shared by users and used to create the final credit. Final settlement of discount agreements can be done manually, automatically or with a batch station (in the background). When the validity period of a discount contract is over, it must be paid and the cumulative discount must be credited to the customer`s account. However, it is also possible to partially pay the discount contract during its period of validity. The rebate agreements are concluded in the context of the VB transaction (7). The settlement of the discount agreements to SAP is carried out as part of the VB transaction (7). After entering basic information about a discount agreement, you need to specify the inclusion rules that indicate what you need to buy to get the discount. The system applies purchases to a discount agreement based on one of the following information: Whenever you enter an order edge line, you must specify a position type.

The inventory interface for the type of position you indicate under the order setting modes determines the order in which the system, including the discount rules, looks for a discount agreement in order to find a concord agreement: the discount agreement is an important concept in invoicing. It is often used by different companies in different sectors. SAP consultants looking for SAP-SD jobs should be familiar with the process of managing discount agreements at SAP. SAP offers comfortable features for establishing, invoicing, and invoicing discount agreements. A more complex example of a discount is a growth-based, aligned and graduated discount where the target revenue is different from the revenue. This means that the discount revenue to be paid is calculated on different incremental targets based on a growth rate in addition to last year`s turnover, the turnover eligible for the discount does not contain eligible turnover in other stores. . . .

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