Application Sponsor Sponsorship Agreement Undertaking

In some cases, your parent, partner, spouse or child may need someone else`s sponsorship. This document is completed for this purpose. It contains details about the sponsor, the person who is being sponsored and the signer. The form contains a large amount of data, which is why it is very important to check it several times before filing it. If you want to apply for permanent residence in Canada, make sure you are entitled to apply. Use our application guides to correctly complete your application and then submit your application. Preferred language for correspondence Continue with the application for permanent residence. Processing fee is retained* Person you are sponsoring Principal Applicant If there is a co-signer on this application The sponsor`s spouse or common law partner must have their last name s No Yes First name s SPONSOR Personal name First name S exactly as stated in your passport or travel document Have you ever used another name e* g * alias girl nickname, etc * 3 Sex of. Send your completed application by e-mail.

Broadcast instructions are available in the application guide. Note: Check the form before printing it. This will help you answer all the questions. It will help avoid any delays in processing your application. If your application is rejected, we will send you a letter in which we write to you why. Current Project: refers to the sponsorship application you are preparing. You must now send your application to our Sydney office. If you send your application to our Mississauga office, it will be returned to you. You will find the postal address in the user manual. If you are applying to a Visa Application Centre (VAC), you may be asked to refill the form at your Internet kiosks. Applications rendered, rejected or never filed are not considered “prior commitments”.

After receiving your biometrics, we will start processing your application. See how long it takes to process your application. Use this app if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada and would like to sponsor close family members residing abroad, including your own: Sponsorship applications that you are or have been associated with, whether as a sponsor or co-signer, for which applicants have been granted permanent residence as a result of the application. Once we have completed the review of your application, we will inform you if you are invited to come to Canada.

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