Azure Cloud Service Agreement

B. Transfer and licensing. You cannot cede all or part of the agreement or transfer licenses without Microsoft`s permission. “ITAR Covered Services” means that Azure`s government services, which are located in the ITAR domain on or its successor website, are exclusively mentioned in this agreement. (vi) requirements for the cloud computing environment. IRS 1075 coverage services are provided for the corresponding services in accordance with the FedRAMP system security plan. Microsoft`s compliance with the controls required by IRS Publication 1075, including encryption and media infection controls, is contained in the Security Plan of the FedRAMP system. “CJIS State Agreement,” an agreement between Microsoft and the CSA of a covered state (or another entity to which the CSA has delegated its functions) that contains conditions under which the State and Microsoft covered meet the applicable requirements of the CJIS Directive. Any CJIS status agreement complies with the applicable CJIS amendment and includes CJIS Security Addendum certifications. For reasons of clarity, a CJIS state agreement may be titled “CJIS-Information Convention” or “CJIS-Verwaltungsvereinbarung”.

All services are subject to and service configuration information and price information as described in the market. All terms of use or services provided by Microsoft Azure Legal Information, Microsoft Azure Agreement, Microsoft Azure Service Level Agreement and Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement apply to you and your end customers. (ii) Please visit for more information on the states covered by CJIS and the services covered by CJIS. Note that not all states are states covered by CJIS and that different services covered by the CJIS may apply in different states covered by the CJIS. For more information on signing up for CJIS Covered Services through an enterprise contract, see If you are not in a CJIS-covered then Microsoft is currently not in a position to (i) Any provision of a Shrink-Wrap agreement or Click-Through (or similar agreement) that may be provided in connection with products purchased under this Agreement do not apply instead of these provisions or are used to amend these provisions, even if your user or your authorized agent claims to receive such a discount. In order to avoid any doubt and limitation of the above, in the event of a conflict between these contraction or click-through clauses (regardless of the products or services related to these provisions) and any clause or condition of this Agreement, the relevant clause or condition of this agreement, which governs and replaces the purchase of such products to the extent of such a conflict, applies.

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