City Development Agreement

Local jurisdictions must hold a public hearing before approving a development agreement and can only collect impact charges, dedications, mitigation measures and standards approved by other laws. RCW 36.70B.180 deals with rights acquired under a development agreement. This chapter is adopted under the authority of Sections 65864 to 65869.5 of the Government Code for the purpose of adopting rules on development agreements. A. Direction of the Director of Community Development. The Director of Community Development leads the negotiations with the developer on the terms of the development contract. The Director of Municipal Development must determine which environmental assessment is appropriate under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Once negotiations have been completed, the Director of Development of the municipality shall provide for the proposed development contract for the hearings necessary in accordance with this Division. The modern urban planning contract legally binds the client to the existing zone laws (at the time) as well as to all the conditions of authorization, such as for example. B abuses. But it also transfers their projects into the development process at the time of adoption and not at a much later date.

c. Form of communication. The form of the communication on the intention to consider the adoption of a development agreement should include: (a) public consultation. The proposed planning contract is the subject of a public hearing by both the planning commission and the municipal council. d. A development agreement may provide that the project is built at certain stages, that construction begins within a specified period of time and that the project or a phase thereof is completed within a specified period of time. b. a result or response to national or federal laws or regional authorities necessary for the city not to lose or receive substantial funds or other substantial public benefits or facilities available to the city only if it intends to use such an amendment; or e. Will not affect the orderly development of the property.

6. the common good offered by the applicant in return for the conclusion of the agreement; C. . . .

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