Collective Agreement Pa 2020

Other improvements to the PA collective agreement are: Bargaining Partners: The UNIFOR Collective Agreement: June 30, 2022 Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Arbitration At the same time, the government has also reached a preliminary agreement with the PSAC to compensate workers for damages to the Phoenix wage system and the late implementation of the 2014 collective agreements. If this compensation agreement is approved, this compensation agreement will apply to the 140,000 PSAC members paid by the Phoenix payment system. PSAC has successfully negotiated compensation for damages in Phoenix, which is significantly better than the employer`s agreement with other federal bargaining partners. Last year, the PSAC rejected the government`s meagre offer of 5 days of cash vacations, which was not enough and would have rewarded those who earn more while penalizing workers who earn less. The current agreement provides for a fair and equitable lump sum payment of $2,500 for PSAC members. The Government remains committed to entering into collective agreements with all outstanding bargaining units for this round of negotiations, including those represented by the PSAC. The formal signing of the agreements now means that new contractual conditions come into force, with the exception of retroactive monetary provisions. The Ministry of Finance now has 180 days to implement wage increases, wage adjustments and allowances. As explained in the contract ratification kits, PSAC negotiated a lump sum payment of $500 for members of these new contracts, given this expanded implementation schedule, which is normally 90 days. We are nearing the end of the voting period to ratify the new interim agreements for the PA, TC, EB, SV and PSAC-UTE groups.

The PSAC held ratification votes for pa, TC, EB and PSAC-UTE members between August 24 and September 29, and from August 31 to October 5 for SV members in each psac region. To have the right to vote, you must: […] Separately, the parties signed the agreement on the protocol on the negotiation of the working conditions of civilian members of the RCPV, who would be considered psac bargaining units. The three-year interim agreement applies to nearly 84,000 federal public servants represented and not represented in the Programs and Administrative Services (PA) group. The interim agreement would increase the economy and the group overall by 6.64 per cent over three years until July 2021, the smallest increase recorded last year, in line with the current economic environment. New provisions on care leave, extending parental leave and up to 10 days of domestic violence leave are also included in the interim agreement. PA Group On July 9, PSAC`s AP negotiating team reached an interim agreement with the Treasury Board of Directors. The negotiating team unanimously recommends ratification of the new agreement. The ratification kit, which contains the full text of the preliminary agreement, is now available for download. Members will soon be invited to participate in an online ratification process. […] The PSAC negotiating team unanimously recommends the ratification of the interim agreement.

The PA negotiating team reached an interim agreement with the Board of Directors. Among the strengths of the negotiations, PSAC expects the Phoenix Department of Finance to pay general damages (i.e. the $2,500 package) within the 180-day transposition period mentioned above for the collective agreement. In addition, information on how current and former members who have suffered heavy losses from the Phoenix payroll system can claim additional compensation will be provided by the Treasury Board in the coming months. We will continue to urge the government to implement these regulations effectively. 01.07.2020 – 30.06.2021 01.07.2017 – 30.07.20207/1/2016 – 30.06.2017 Negotiations for all other groups are still ongoing. For more information on these interim agreements, please click here to visit the PSAC website.

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