Compliance Services Agreement

The full value added generated by contracts is clearly a major concern for many companies – in terms of revenue growth, cost reduction and satisfaction with S-O 404 compliance issues. Our team works with organizations to assess internal controls on various aspects of contractual compliance, including tracking financial obligations to our clients to maximize profitability and any obligations our clients may owe to third parties to minimize the risk of late costs and/or other penalties. Conversely, if your organization has been selected for review, we can work with you during the audit process to navigate the audit and ensure that the scope focuses exclusively on the terms of the agreement and helps you address potential issues and resolve them. “service specialty,” specifications for the provision of services provided to the customer by the company, in accordance with Schedule 1. The RSM team of contract compliance specialists works with you to navigate compliance areas in different types of relationships, including, but not limited to: 2. Introduction 2.1. These conditions apply from the date a customer uses one of the company`s Schedule 1 services and continue to apply to subsequent ad hoc commitments, current commitments and/or recurring commitments until they are replaced or revised. 2.2. The Client agrees to be bound by these conditions by signing the Company`s proposal document and/or by confirming orally and/or in writing cooperation with the Company. 2.3. In order to avoid any doubt, the participation of the company`s services does not constitute a joint venture and/or a similar joint venture between the customer and the company. 5.

Service specification 5.1. The quantity, quality and description and specification of the services are those defined in the service specialty. 5.2. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the specialization of services without notice, necessary to meet applicable security or other legal requirements, or that do not significantly affect the quality or performance of the service. 5.3. No service specification may be changed, modified or deferred by the Customer, except with the company`s written consent and provided that the Customer compensates the company for all of its losses (including consequential damage), costs (including the costs of all materials used), damages, costs and expenses incurred by the Company as a result of such modification, modification or deferral. 5.4. No service specialty may be terminated by the Customer in the initial period, except with the company`s written agreement and provided that the Customer compensates the company for all losses (including consequential damages), costs (including costs of all materials used), damages, costs and costs incurred by the company as a result of termination in the initial period. 5.5. If any of the contents of the attached service specialty is provided by the Customer or by a third party mandated by the Customer, the Customer will compensate the company for any losses (including consecutive losses) resulting from any claim related to the provision of these services.

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