Free Delivery Drivers Independent Contractor Agreement

As an independent company, CONTRACTOR reserves the right to provide services (whether delivery or other services) to others and to prevent themselves from doing so as a company independent of the public. The parties recognize that they may or be similar agreements with others, and nothing in this agreement prevents CONTRACTOR or GLOBINESS from doing business with others. GLOBINESS is not allowed to submit contractor at any time to the exercise of its activities for other companies, customers or consumers, even if this activity is directly in competition with GLOBINESS and is on the GLOBINESS platform during the registration of CONTRACTOR. THE right of CONTRACTOR to compete with GLOBINESS or to provide services to GLOBINESS`s competing companies will remain in effect even after the end of the agreement. If CONTRACTOR uses the services of staff to perform contract services in the absence of an agreement, CONTRACTOR staff must comply with and comply with all the terms of the agreement that CONTRACTOR must make enforceable by written agreement between contractor and that staff. A copy of this written agreement must be provided to GLOBINESS at least seven (7) days prior to the exercise of contract services. The parties recognize that the sole purpose of this requirement is to ensure that the provisions of this agreement are complied with by CONTRACTOR. The contract stipulated that the driver would be responsible for the means and manner in which the final service delivery was achieved, and that he had to apply independent discretion and judgment on how to safely recover and deliver the goods. The driver made his own vehicle available and had to maintain insurance and operating costs. He received a 1099 and was not treated as a tax or compensation employee. He was wearing an identification badge with the company logo, but was designed to address customer security issues. (b) exercise reasonable caution and caution while focusing on the operation of the delivery vehicle and complying with all government, federal and local laws that include parking laws, driving laws and regulations, but are not limited to that.

In a recent decision in Georgia regarding a car accident, the court found that it was an assistant liability for a driver that a company hired as an independent contractor.

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