La Brokerage Agreement

(3) Exercise appropriate skill and diligence in the provision of brokerage services. Section 3572.11. Credit intermediation statement; Declaration of publicity required (8) “Designated Agency” means the Agency`s relationship that is presumed to exist when a lessee participating in a real estate transaction, except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, cooperates with a client, unless there is a written agreement providing for a different relationship. A.1. Any application for a consumer or federal mortgage involving a credit intermediary shall be accompanied by a written “credit intermediation and information agreement” to be signed by all contracting parties. A copy of the signed agreement shall be presented to the applicant at the time of signature. unless a written agreement is provided between the broker and the client, neither a broker nor a lessee related to the broker owes any other obligations to the client after the termination, expiry or conclusion of the performance of the brokerage contract, with the exception of the liability of all funds and assets related to the transaction and the secrecy of any confidential information, that were obtained during the brokerage contract. 3. “brokerage contract” means a brokerage contract provided to a person against compensation or against the right to compensation by another person. The sub-agency can only be established by written agreement. A licensee is not considered a sub-agent of a client or other broker solely because of the broker`s membership or other affiliation with a multiple listing service or other similar source of information….

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