Ptcgo Gentleman`s Agreement

Of the live pairs I could find, the draw rate for rounds 1-8 tournaments was on average about 17% for regional and international championships. I particularly watched these rounds, because the 9th round is elevated because of an intentional draw and the 10-15 rounds have a small number of matches that lead to greater variance, as well as a multiplication of gentleman`s agreements and intentional draws that distort those numbers. I also think it would pave the way for the return of the tournament report. These have generally disappeared with Best of 3 Swiss, as it has become difficult to memorize all the details of so many individual games, and things like the need to admit a winnable game to save time for the next game could make the games uninteresting, and how often the agreements can be due to the 3-1 scoring system , there will be a lot of games that players don`t want to talk about how they won a win in this single round. a gentleman`s agreement or the friendly shovel of the opponent. Currently, the league`s stakes and league cups count in the purse race and is heading for the 2nd day. I think there is a fairly general agreement among the 25 players who actually follow the top 16 races, that it is stupid and that only the big events should count among the purses and day 2. So if only 49% of matches have the possibility of a draw, it means that about 34.7% of all matches requiring a third match end in a draw. This figure still does not show the extent of the problem, as this number is deflated because players concede winning games to save time for a more likely win in a later game, as well as players who use gentleman`s chords to decide a winner in matches that have actually drawn. That would do things. There would be stores twice a quarter and eight times per tournament season to interact with the competing Pokémon community. It would also increase the number of League Cup tournaments available to make them more available for players to play in, so they have more opportunities to get championship points for their World Cup invitation.

Now between the turn time will be pretty standard on the events. I think with a well-conducted regional championship, there are about 15 minutes between laps. Therefore, we can calculate a best-of-3 tournament, 50 minutes, at a rate of 65 minutes per round (50 minutes for the round, then an additional 15 minutes until the next round, or 15 minutes until the final ranking after round 9th) Therefore, we expect one of these tournaments to last 585 minutes for the tournament itself (i.e. without a possible lunch break) or 9 hours and 45 minutes. Free, sign up for free and actively participate in this forum to hide this ad. This is only the first attempt to get the idea of a Pokémon league like this, so there are certainly a few holes in the idea that should be repaired before they actually translate into reality. I think it would also contribute to the overall connectivity of the players. Right now, when people no longer want to play Pokémon Hardcore, they usually finish the game completely, because there is no reasonable chance for them to compete on the competition track, since the World Cup circuit is based exclusively on most of your Pokémon weekends of the year.

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