Queen`s University Usw Collective Agreement

33.03 Notwithstanding the agreement of the contracting parties that the collective agreement begins on January 1, 2019, the collective agreement has no retroactive effect, unless otherwise stated. The Pensions Memorandum, ratified by the university and, etc. Local in 2010, contains alternative provisions for salary increases during the third year of the contract in case of a date higher than the date of July 1, 2021 or if the move to the UPP has not taken place. “We are now looking to the future and are committed to working with the administration to improve labour relations that will benefit workers, at the university and especially for our students,” said Orser. The parties adopted the language of domestic or sexual violence leave in the renewed collective agreement to reflect changes to the Labour Protection Act and the Employment Standards Act. This language also reflects the fact that workers have the right to be accompanied by a representative of the Union at each meeting which is organised to discuss appropriate precautions in the workplace and that the university informs the staff member of this right before the start of such a meeting. If you have any questions about this, please contact your human resources advisor. The “Letter of Agreement: Employee Group Performance Plan” in the renewed collective agreement describes the current status of the parties` review of the workers` group`s performance plan, which was reviewed during the duration of the collective agreement that expires on December 31, 2018. The objective of this review was to propose an improvement in the package of benefits made available to members of the Usw, Local 2010 bargaining units, in order to maximize value without increasing the performance plan of employee groups, compared to the corresponding bonuses paid by the university, paid by the university/denorate and/or paid by members. Unions and the university will explore options to address pension funding and solvency issues, such as the creation of an employer-sponsored sectoral pension plan or the JSPP. The terms of the collective compensation agreement for the third year following the implementation of the renewed collective agreement depend on the successful transformation of the QPP into a UPP. The “Letter of Agreement: Employment Assessment of June 1, 2018” in the renewed collective agreement replaces the old “Letter of Agreement: WorkStation Assessment” with the presentation of the progress of the workstation evaluation project, including the terms agreed by the parties to date and published on HR`s website. The other conditions of the renewed collective agreement that depend on the successful transformation of the QPP into a PPQ are: the new agreement also improves the language of the contract, which affects the terms of employment, on subjects such as seniority and vacancy notices, union representation and the strengthening of the mandate of a joint employment services committee.

In addition, the parties agreed to transform the language of the “bargaining collaborator” into “bargaining units” throughout the collective agreement. Members of USW Local 2010, who work as office, administrative and technician staff at Queen`s, this week ratified an interim agreement negotiated by their union and the university.

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