Select Plus Agreement Guide

Most of the sa benefits are available in each product pool, as described in the table below. Active SA for each qualified product qualifies the customer for the benefits listed in the table below. Some benefits are granted on the basis of the customer`s SA expenses for a number of qualifying products within a pool. For this purpose, “SA expenses” are not literally the dollars actually spent by the customer, but an approximation of what the customer has spent on SA coverage for these products as part of its Select or Enterprise registration, Select Plus registration or open agreement (e..B g. its only purchases and the SA component of L&SA purchases). For customers in subscription programs, this is an approximation of the total amount spent by the customer on licensing those products as part of their registration or agreement. You can find a list of available services in *Number of days per request or agreement. The number of authorized telephone incidents varies depending on the customer depending on THE SA`s expenses and the payment option.

Incidents based on SA expenses are earned on the basis of server and desktop EDITIONS SA as part of a select or enterprise registration, Select Plus registration, Open Value Agreement or open license authorization number. Microsoft assigns an incident for each edition of Server SA or CAL SA for an amount of at least $20,000. Microsoft assigns an incident for each SA spending system or application pool of at least $200,000. The table below shows the approximate monetary equivalents for premiums based on SA expenses for agreements based on currencies other than USD.

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