Sophos Reseller Agreement

13.1 The resellers, distributors or distributors from whom you purchased the product are not designated or authorised by Sophos as an executing agent or representative. None of these persons has the authority not to enter into any contract, insurance, warranty or warranty with you or to you, or to translate or otherwise modify this End User License Agreement on behalf of Sophos, or to bind Sophos in any way. 13.2 You agree that Sophos may use for its business purposes any technical information you provide, including but not limited to information provided as part of the optional data release provided for in clause 8, including but not limited to wearing and product development. 13.3 You agree to pay the full amount of tax by virtue of an invoice from Sophos or, as the case may be, an authorized reseller, distributor or distributor. Unless otherwise stated, the fee is exclusively federal, state, local or other public taxes, customs duties, licenses, royalties, excise duties or customs duties. They agree to pay these taxes or to present, in place of these taxes, a certificate of exemption acceptable to Sophos and the competent authority. Invoices may provide for the payment of interest on amounts that are not transferred by the due date. 13.4 You authorize Sophos or an independent certified accountant appointed by Sophos at any time during normal business hours to have written access to your premises and your books and records, in order to verify, verify, verify, verify or monitor your terms and obligations under the End User License Agreement, including, but not only, the payment of all applicable fees. Sophos may not exercise this right more than once per calendar year. If a review reveals that you have paid Sophos too little of the fees, within 30 days of the invoice date, an amount corresponding to the deficit between the fees due and those you pay will be charged to Sophos. If the amount of the underpayment exceeds 5% of the fees due or if the review reveals a violation of the license restrictions under this End User License Agreement, you must also pay Sophos` reasonable fee to perform the audit, without prejudice to Sophos` other rights and remedies. .

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