Vizient Agreement

Vizient members can access Gordian solutions by visiting or by focusing on our dedicated healthcare team at “We are pleased to enter into this agreement with Vizient to provide effective tools that streamline construction so that the healthcare industry can focus exclusively on optimal patient care,” said William Pollak, President of Gordian. “With our YCW health program under the Vizient contract, our reliable data, software and know-how will help members achieve a higher level of construction productivity and cost control and transparency.” MALVERN, Pa., July 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Baudax Bio, Inc. (NASDAQ:BXRX), a pharmaceutical company focused on therapeutic drugs for acute care, today announced that it is associated with Vizient, Inc. has entered into a pharmacy delivery agreement with effect from July 1, 2020 for the injection of ANJESO (meloxicam), a non-opioid option to treat moderate to severe pain. The agreement offers increased savings to Vizient`s diversity, which accounts for more than 50 percent of the country`s acute care providers, including 95 percent of the country`s academic medical centers and more than 20 percent of outpatient healthcare providers. Timothy Orazem Vizient Market Manager Contract Labor Management Phone: 646-923-3602 Email: We recently entered into a new agreement with Vizient, Optimizer, a web-based tool used by many healthcare facilities across the country to end all temporary care positions, Allied Health, Locum Tenens, CRNA and non-clinical. This means that we will no longer use one-time contracts with another agency for temporary positions listed in the attached files below. The Optimizer web platform includes: acquisition of temporary positions, validation of registration information, authorization and management of working time tables, reporting and payment of invoices. This agreement offers Vizient members the unique opportunity to obtain contract construction services from Vizient suppliers through an optimized fixed-price purchasing process. Gordian`s YCW solutions will enable Vizient members to carry out repair, maintenance, renovation and construction projects through competitive local contracts from Vizient suppliers offering price transparency for all work performed.

These value-driven construction solutions are intended to help healthcare facilities control construction costs, reduce modification contracts, and improve project cost transparency. Gordian solutions are proven to reduce the total cost of projects, reduce construction costs, and provide healthcare providers with better build quality.

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