Corporate Video in Perth

Westmedia provides clients in Australia and worldwide the latest and most innovative concepts and techniques in corporate video production for streaming on the web, as a vehicle for training or induction, or for TVCs. Whether the customer wishes to journey with his video message from conception to final edit or simply stand back and watch, Westmedia has the technical and creative expertise to accommodate whatever the customer desires.

What we do

Westmedia assists the novice or expert client with capturing the audience’s attention through a creatively crafted visual and audio message. That inspiration gives viewers impetus to seek more information.
Our production process for your video message includes three phases:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

We work in concert with the customer from conceptualization, script writing, 3D storyboards and approval to recommending on screen and voice talent to recording and filming at the chosen site. Post-production involves editing to craft a final presentation of the corporate video and adding the musical score and precision quality graphics and titles. The customer approves the “rough cut” version before color grading and transfer to a memory stick or other requested media.
Throughout, our team of experts strives to envision and deliver the client’s branding with clarity, ingenuity and enthusiasm. Also, Westmedia is an expert in time-lapse video segments for further enhancement of the customer’s message and vision. We can revert any video to play to the diverse audiences, and we employ outstanding translators to communicate with non-English markets. We have integrated many videos into websites to enhance their messages.

Our satisfied clients include:

  • IBM
  • Rio Tinto
  • Mirvac
  • Paladin Energy Ltd.
  • Bridgestone
  • Synergy
  • And many others.

The most up-to-date equipment

Westmedia shoots your video with our Canon Cinema EOS C500, C300, 1DC and 5D CineLenses, delivering outstanding and dynamic cinematography rivaled only by that seen in major motion pictures. Editing and graphics are presented by 3 Apple HD systems and the Adobe Creative suite for a technologically-stunning product. As the only distributor of Canon Cinema lenses in Western Australia, we also rent and sell the finest in filming and production equipment and provide solid collaborative advice on the technical aspects of your video project.
One of the most spectacular and innovative pieces of equipment is our aerial drone–the CineStar 8 Quadracopter. Taking amazing and breathtaking photographs and videos from the air, this drone can carry most camera models and is available for full and half day rentals with a CASA-licensed operator included.

Our staff

On production day, whether the customer needs one camera and operator or a full sound crew, grip and other specialists, Westmedia can plan and accommodate the simplest to the most complex productions–all with stellar results. Editor and producer Tony Turner and director Mark Zolleweg combine their experience and expertise to deliver a product that invites the viewer to want to learn more.

Our offices

Westmedia has corporate offices in Perth, Melbourne and Guangdong Province in China. Initiate contact via email: Or, call the Perth to discuss the project: +61 8 9293 0665.