From start to finish a producer is involved in every aspect of the production and is in direct contact with the client at all times. If you’re uncertain about anything, the producer is always only one phone call away.

An initial client meeting will allow us to build a production brief. We’re looking for as much detail as a client can provide and includes information like: What is the message, who is the target audience, what needs to be filmed, the expected duration and how it will be distributed.

We’ll discuss the production options that may include voice over, presenters, dramatisations, equipment and filming techniques, timelapse sequences, aerial footage, studio or location based and any other relevant specifics to what may be necessary.

We then draft a script based on the production brief and workshop it with the client until they are happy for it to go to production.

The script also allows us to draw up a production schedule. This will include all the relevant production dates so both the client and producer have a timeline that details the production stages, from shoot dates right through post production to delivery of the finished video.