At this stage the footage is edited together with any voice over, music, titles and graphics. Some clients like to sit in the edit suite with the editor for the entire editing process, which may take from days to weeks. However, these days most clients are happy to come in to discuss the first draft, often referred to as the rough cut.

We also stream rough cuts direct to the client on secure servers so they don’t need to come in to the edit suite at all.

Changes are made to the rough cut based on client feedback. Once the rough cut is approved the sound is mixed to correct levels and the film is colour graded to match any colour inconsistencies between shots.

The client then has an opportunity to provide further feedback on any final changes before the video is approved for output.

Whilst DVDs are becoming less popular, more people are requesting memory sticks or to have the video streamed. We offer streaming in whatever format is requested and can recommend the formats to suit your desired release outcome.

More information on filming tips and tricks can be found in the News section of our website.